Fundraising campaign in support of L'En-Droit

Before I left, several people asked me if I was going to cycle for a cause. And I would reply that no, I just wanted to travel for the sake of travelling. But then, giving it some thoughts, I figure it would be fairly simple to take the opportunity of my trip to also fundraise for something I believe in. There are several organizations or causes that I would like to help, but I finally decided I would cycle to support L'En-Droit de Laval , a nonprofit organization that helps people with mental health problems.

To people who would like to join this fundraiser, I suggest a half-and-half scheme. That is to say, I would give directly 50% of the donations collected to L'En-Droit and I would keep the other half to cover part of my travel expenses (food, bike maintenance, hosting, etc.). You can contribute by participating in the cyclothon or by buying postcards.

Translated by Samuel Giard