Fundraising campaign in support of L'En-Droit

Before I left, several people asked me if I was going to cycle for a cause. And I would reply that no, I just wanted to travel for the sake of travelling. But then, giving it some thoughts, I figure it would be fairly simple to take the opportunity of my trip to also fundraise for something I believe in. There are several organizations or causes that I would like to help, but I finally decided I would cycle to support L'En-Droit de Laval , a nonprofit organization that helps people with mental health problems.

To people who would like to join this fundraiser, I suggest a half-and-half scheme. That is to say, I would give directly 50% of the donations collected to L'En-Droit and I would keep the other half to cover part of my travel expenses (food, bike maintenance, hosting, etc.). You can contribute by participating in the cyclothon or by buying postcards.

Cyclothon Postcards


I suggest a monthly contribution of 0,1, 0,5 or 1 cent per kilometre (see table). Obviously, if you are more financially comfortable, nothing prevents you from contributing more generously. If you have lower income, you can contribute as your means allow, but a single word of encouragement would be welcome.

0,1¢ 0,5¢ 1,0¢
October201465 km $0,07$0,33$0,65
November20141 668 km $1,67$8,34$16,68
December20141 430 km $1,43$7,15$14,30
January20151 734 km $1,73$8,67$17,34
February20151 398 km $1,40$6,99$13,98
March20151 670 km $1,67$8,35$16,70
April20151 547 km $1,55$7,73$15,47
May2015501 km $0,50$2,50$5,01
June20151 733 km $1,73$8,66$17,33
July20151 078 km $1,08$5,39$10,78
Agust20151 800 km $1,80$9,00$18,00
September20151 615 km $1,62$8,08$16,15
October2015884 km $0,88$4,42$8,84
November20151 243 km $1,24$6,22$12,43
December20151 755 km $1,75$8,77$17,55
January20161 295 km $1,29$6,47$12,95
February2016919 km $0,92$4,59$9,19
March20161 159 km $1,16$5,79$11,59
April20161 347 km $1,35$6,74$13,47
May20161 711 km $1,71$8,55$17,11
June20161 055 km $1,06$5,28$10,55
July2016817 km $0,82$4,09$8,17
Agust2016871 km $0,87$4,36$8,71
September20160 km $0,00$0,00$0,00
October2016172 km $0,17$0,86$1,72
November20161 527 km $1,53$7,64$15,27
December20161 466 km $1,47$7,33$14,66
January2017424 km $0,42$2,12$4,24
February20171 005 km $1,00$5,02$10,05
March20171 604 km $1,60$8,02$16,04
April20171 609 km $1,61$8,04$16,09
May20171 682 km $1,68$8,41$16,82
June2017923 km $0,92$4,61$9,23
July20171 328 km $1,33$6,64$13,28
Agust2017881 km $0,88$4,41$8,81
September20171 226 km $1,23$6,13$12,26
October20171 202 km $1,20$6,01$12,02
November2017*1 054 km $1,05$5,27$10,54
Total45 395 km $45,40$226,98$453,95
*Current month. The final sum will be known at the end of the month.
Convert the amounts in United States dollar.

* * *

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If you prefer paying directly by credit card (or if PayPal.Me is not available in your country), please follow this link :
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The part of the donation that goes to L'En-Droit de Laval is tax deductible (in Canada at least). If you require a receipt, write an email to leaving your postal address.

Translated by Samuel Giard