Fundraising campaign in support of L'En-Droit

Before I left, several people asked me if I was going to cycle for a cause. And I would reply that no, I just wanted to travel for the sake of travelling. But then, giving it some thoughts, I figure it would be fairly simple to take the opportunity of my trip to also fundraise for something I believe in. There are several organizations or causes that I would like to help, but I finally decided I would cycle to support L'En-Droit de Laval , a nonprofit organization that helps people with mental health problems.

To people who would like to join this fundraiser, I suggest a half-and-half scheme. That is to say, I would give directly 50% of the donations collected to L'En-Droit and I would keep the other half to cover part of my travel expenses (food, bike maintenance, hosting, etc.). You can contribute by participating in the cyclothon or by buying postcards.

Cyclothon Postcards


As of now, a single series of 10 postcards is available, On the road. The series represents a cyclist (myself) and his bike (La Poderosa), along their crossing of the Americas. I intend to launch a second series before I return home. This next series would show the most awe-inspiring natural landscapes I have come across.


In person: The postcards can be purchased at the excellent store of Vélo Montréal (see address below). Say hi to Jacques on Vincent's behalf!
Adresse: 3880 Rachel Est, Montréal, H1X 1Z1 (map).
Phone: +1 514 259-7272.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 9h00-19h00,  Sat: 10h00-17h00,  Sun: Closed.
Language available: french only.   Price: cards (see table at the bottom of this page).

By mail: Follow these 3 steps. (1) Send an email to, specifying which cards you wish to purchase, the number of copies for each card, and the mailing address they should be sent to. (2) Compute the total amount of you purchase (see table below). (3) Make a secure payment with credit card or you paypal account(see links at the bottom of the page). If you should have any doubt, feel free to send an email and ask me for clarifications.
Language available: french only.   Price: cards + shipping fees (see table at the bottom of this page).

Print them yourself: Below each picture is a link to download the front and back side of each postcard. So you can print the cards yourself. Doing it this way, you can also select the language of your choice (french, english or spanish), as opposed to the printed version, which is only available in french.
Languages available: french, english, spanish.   Amount of the donation: at your discretion.

Other methods: The previous methods don't quite suit your needs? Send an email to and we can find a solution.

Postcard prices
Basic In support
1 card $1,00 $2,00
5 cards $4,00 $8,00
Complete set (10 cards) $6,00 $12,00
Shipping fees
Number of cards 1 to 4 5 to 9 10 to 19 20 to 40
Canada $1,16 $1,39 $2,09 $3,42
United States $1,39 $2,09 $3,42 $5,97
Other destination $2,90 $4,18 $6,84 $11,95
In the table to the left, the first column gives the basic price. If you really wish to support me and also support L'En-Droit, you can give a little more. Thank you!

If you have a PayPal account (or wish to create one) et Paypal.Me is available in your county, click on the Paypal.Me link to your right.
No service fees will be charged to Vincent.
If you wish to pay be credit card, or if Paypal.Me is not available in your country, click of the Paypal link to your right.
Service fees will be charged to Vincent (thereby reducing your contribution).

Translated by Samuel Giard