Warm Shower: free hosting exchange between cycloturists.
Couch Surfing: free hosting exchange between tourists.
Camp in my Garden: free or affordable micro-site for camping. [Never used]
Air BnB: rented accommodation sometime affordable. [Never used]


Google Maps: General mapping service without topographic
Cycle Route: mapping service for cyclists with topographic profile.
Ride with GPS: mapping service for cyclists with topographic profile.
Convert Coordinates: site to convert geographic coordinates.
Open Map Chest: free maps for Garmin GPS devices.
Sheldon Brown's Cyclecomputer Calibration Chart: Cyclecomputer Calibration Chart.

Here is some blogs written by cycloturists that I have met on my road (I have met more, but they don't have a blog). Without necessarily talking about me, they evoke some places that I have visited.

L'Amérique sur deux roues: by Jarek Castonguay-Cusson (french). [Montreal – Tierra del Fuego – Montreal]
Rad Ansicht: by Anna and Claudia (german). [Germany – Spain • Mexico – Colombia] xxx
Camembert con carne: by Camille Paumelle (french). [Ecuador – Argentina]
Jason Tang cycling around the world: by Jason Tang (mandarin and english). [World tour]
Biking to Buenos Aires: by Joshua Collier (english). [Texas – Argentina]
Pedal errante: by Catalina and Sebastian (spanish). [Chile – Colombia ]
The road of little miracles: by Matthew Hopkins (english). [Alaska – Tierra del Fuego]
Uma Pedalada pela América: by Ada Cordeiro (portuguese). [Brazil – Mexico]
Un petit vélo dans nos têtes: by Aurélie, Sébastien, Titouan, Zacharias et Mila (french). [World tour]
Fly Basket: by Jowrney and Stacey (korean and english). [World tour]